Info Centre

Te Pahu  is a delightful settlement some 30km to the southwest of Hamilton, New Zealand. It is imbued with numerous physical attractions such as the Nikau Walk, Kaniwhaniwha Reserve and typical rolling Waikato farmland framed by Mt Pirongia. It is well appointed with modern facilities such as a pre-school, a school and a squash club and has ample parking serving its central shopping area.

Te Pahu (Pop’n: 1191) also has a very fertile social environment and a great community spirit, rarely found today even in small rural settlements.

In short , Te Pahu is a great place to live, and the less people who know that the better.

With this in mind we have opened the award winning Te Pahu Information Centre to confuse, bewilder and frustrate any stray visitors. It is (un)manned 24 hours a day during which time it’s not quite open for the purchase of various paraphernalia commemorating your visit, such as; I love T.P coffee mugs, a series of postcards featuring Local Celebrities in Mundane Poses, die cast models of Burnt out Wrecks of the Waikato and Te Pahu School one-size-fits-all Tee Shirts.

info for new residents is here.