Women’s Institute

The Te Pahū Country Women’s Institute was founded in 1931.

Now known as the W.I., it presently meets at 1pm every second Thursday of each month at the famous Te Pahū Hall. Whilst not overstressing the magnificence of the salubrious shared afternoon tea , these meetings also offer women a chance to chat, share experiences , skills and a good laugh , in a friendly, supportive environment. In small rural communities such as Te Pahū the CWI has traditionally been of special value to newcomers, helping them to settle into to the district .

Any given meeting may involve (as well as the afternoon tea) light-hearted competitions, guest-speakers or entertainment, as well as craft and sales tables, or outings to places of interest

The CWI raises money for worthy causes and is known in the community for lending a hand in support of other groups. It is affiliated to the Waikato and National Federation of CWI, having a representative on the National Executive.

President: Sharin Tylee 
Evelyn Hikuroa: Secretary
Jenny Adair: Treasurer

All new members are welcome, for any information please contact via e-mail evehikuroa@gmail.com