Karamū Cycling Club


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An old club spanning two centuries, the K.C.C formed in May 1998.

It’s based in Karamū, just west of the happening  metropolis of Te Pahū, and its main activity is a twice yearly jaunt around the Limeworks Loop Rd on vintage one speed bikes.

It is a grueling 14 mile ride around sealed and unsealed mountain roads and cart tracks punctuated by an invigorating and refreshing lunch (beer and sticky buns) at the Kāniwhaniwha picnic spot.

Bikes are provided by local enthusiast Martin Dew, and the group encompasses all ages (well, 7-65 thus far), sexes (both) and body  shapes (use your imagination there). While there is a core of about 15 regular participants, numbers have swollen to triple that on the odd occasion.

The ultimate aim of the ride is to have a pleasant day enjoying the company of good people, all the while feeling doubly smug because cycling is supposedly good for you. Fitness is not much of an issue, as no hill is too small to be walked up. Likewise speed is only relevant in terms of how slow you can go without falling off whilst still chatting to your riding companions. Languid pace is further ensured by the wearing of  old fashioned speed-inhibiting clothing (see below).
So, if you think this might be a bit of you, or want to know more (not that there’s any more to know) contact us via feedback.

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ANZAC day 2004, before the jaunt, in war theme attire.


Martin speeding along ...   Anzac Day and Martin starts the jaunt off with the last post   ... watch out here comes Adrienne ...

Karamu Cycling Club 7th Novemeber 2004, photo Gerardus Kessels