Cycling Auxiliary Band


As the official musical wing of the Karamū Cycle Club it is not surprising that the chosen instrument of this group is the ukulele – light, versatile and extremely mobile. This could also sum up the ethos of this dedicated group which aspires to be the musical equivalent of the S.A.S, a hit and run band which can form and respond to the call for musical entertainment quickly, quietly and ruthlessly  in any part of the lesser Te Pahū area.

At present the service is available during daylight hours only, as insufficient bikes have reliable lights. None-the-less, within no less than a 12km radius of Karamū, locals relax peacefully in the knowledge that at anytime (within daylight hours and weather permitting) they can put the call through and the First Response team will be there, eventually. Especially if it is on the one Sunday of the month when all members are at practise, as long as we are not practising away from Karamū, as we often do. Try and avoid Saturdays too, while I think of it, as quite a few of us have sporting commitments, and same goes for the Men’s Aerobics night at the hall, to keep up our cycling fitness you understand. And it’s always worth checking the Te Pahū events calendar on this site to see when Home Brew Club is on, because it’ll be slim pickings getting any of us on that day.

But in the unlikely event of unfavourable light and weather conditions or the group having prior commitments, just ring the Te Pahū Info Centre hotline and some one will pop around with one of our CDs and the portable gramophone to cheer you up with until the first available moment.

For immediate satisfaction you could listen to life saving snatches of our tunes on

Perhaps you are interested in joining this worthy group? Nothing more is needed than proof that you have at some stage ridden a bike, and of course the desire to make token sounds on a very forgiving instrument, in a big group, one sunday per month. We may even have a uke you can use while you’re there.