Landcare Vision

The Te Pahu LandCare Group was formed in June 2002

Our vision is:

“To protect and enhance Te Pahu’s natural indigenous environment and recreational opportunities through community awareness and involvement for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone.”

Some of the things the group would like to see achieved or maintained are:

  • Good water quality in rivers and streams (swimmable and fishable).
  • Native forests protected and in good health
  • Abundant native birdlife with tuis and kereru a regular sight throughout the district
  • Te Pahu the eco-tourism capital of the Waikato (maybe!)

Current projects are:

  • Planting the Nikau Walkway access into the Pirongia Forest Park with native plant species (in association with DOC and the wider community).
  • Restoring the Karamu Bush reserve as a mecca for tuis in the spring.
  • Building up a map/inventory of the Te Pahu district’s natural and historic features.
  • Clearing an area of weeds on the corner of Smith and Te Pahu Roads and replanting in native plant species.
  • Supporting landowners interested in native planting with information and advice.
    It is also the vision of the group to be inclusive of all strata of society in the Te Pahu district: farmers, small block holders, cross-dressers, McGillicuddies, and even mayors, councilors and Karamuians.

Click here for a PDF copy of the constitution.
For any enquiries please contact Nardene Berry: