Te Pahū, Karamū and Kāniwhaniwha schools celebrate 100 years.
  2011, March 18th, 19th and 20th

Kāniwhaniwha school restored
Kaniwhaniwha school restored Karamū schoolKaramu school
  Te Pahū Store and school buses – 1954 Excavating site – 1990 for Squash courts and Playcentre
Completed Squash courts and PlaycentreCompleted Squash courts and Playcentre
Te Pahū School 1948Te Pahu School 1948 Te Pahū School Jubilee 1961Te Pahu School 1961 Te Pahū School 1986 1994 after remodel 1994 before remodel1994 before remodel

The link for the photos taken at the weekend is www.barkerphotography.co.nz