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The Te Pahu Hall

Did you know that the Hall is community owned? The committee are all volunteers comprising three elected officers:   President: Brian Tylee, Treasurer: Steve Zanders, and Secretary: Eleanor Knox, and an enthusiastic committee.   We have monthly meetings and together organise the administration of the Hall, keep up with repairs and maintenance, facilitate events that community groups want to run, and organise fundraisers. We are a not-for-profit, incorporated society and have our accounts audited every year. Working bees normally happen twice a year to keep the grounds tidy and beautiful and the Hall in good condition. We also have a regular paid cleaner who helps keep everything up to scratch. Every year a certain amount of money is needed to meet the Hall’s running costs, therefore we need to have fundraising events. Some events are just for the community – costs are covered but no profit made but we consider these are just as important to foster community life. Our finances are in good shape thanks to good management.

Our project this year has been a long-awaited plumbing overhaul.   It will shortly be completed thanks to our local plumber and the input of committee members.   The work ensures that the plumbing will now be more efficient and up to date.

The Hall Committee welcomes input from people in Te Pahu and there is an open invitation to attend the monthly meetings – just contact one of the officers to find out when the next one is due. Working bees are advertised in the school newsletters: many hands make light work, and it’s a good chance to meet other people.

We are keen to hear from new people in the district, and you would be welcome to contact Brian and Sharin Tylee on 825 9892 for further information about community activities.

Hall Events

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Te Pahu Variety Show – 1 August 2015

Te Pahu Village Fair – November 2015

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